About Perfectly Imperfect Candles

Perfectly Imperfect Candles was born in Scotland in November 2019 with the intention of creating luxury statement candles that are also affordable. All candles are hand-poured, set, and packaged by me in my home just outside of Glasgow, giving them a personal touch. All candles are made to order & totally customizable, meaning there is a 3-5 day production window before your product is shipped using Royal Mail second-class shipping.

A big part of our brand is to be mindful of the world around us, meaning we only use soy wax and cotton wicks which are both 100% natural, vegan friendly, and cruelty-free. Soy wax produces fewer toxins than other types of wax such as paraffin and is biodegradable, meaning it wipes off your surfaces with simply some soapy water! However, with soy wax comes some necessary drawbacks in the form of occasional small imperfections. We believe this is a small price to pay for natural candles and aim to celebrate these small imperfections in the name of preserving the environment and our own space from harmful toxins, hence the meaning behind the name.

Our packaging, while not perfect, also aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, whilst still retaining its aesthetic appeal, as we know how exciting it is to open a nicely packaged parcel. We, therefore, use green bubble wrap, made from 75% recycled materials, pulled cardboard for extra support (recyclable), cardboard boxes (recyclable), paper tape where feasible (recyclable), and decorate all of this with dried flowers!

We hope you love decorating your home with our candles as much as we love creating them for you!